[Full Explaination] Are Ants With Wings Dangerous?

Ants With Wings – Who Does Not Know Ants With Wings? Do Ants Can Fly? Yes, indeed the ants can fly. Ants with wings are usually familiar with the name “alates”. Why alates called as ants? Because alates have physical characteristics similar to ants, with the body is softer and larger waist than ants and also have wings.

Swarms of alates is widely available in many countries, such as Canada and included Indonesia. Ants with wings is usually out at the start of the rainy season.

When young, ants with wings have not the wings yet and called by “white ants”. When growing up wings began to grow and become alates.

ants with wings in shower


The aim life of ants with wings is reproduce. Ants with wings only live in one night. If they do not find their partner at night, then they will die at morning. Meanwhile, who found the couple will seek a new nest and form a new colony.

When flying and crowding or commonly called “hilltopping”, become a means of finding a partner. When they were getting his partner, they would take off the wings and go in hand looking for a hole under the ground to mate and lay.

Ants With Wings Are Social Beings

ants with wings and stingers


These insects are social beings, that means they are not live alone. They live in colonies and form a task group, like ants. The colony has a caste system that distinguishes tasks.

When the ants with wings grow up and have a wing that means ants with wing is ready to mate and reproduce by mate and then produce new colony.

After getting a couple, they would take off their wings and then find a place under the ground to mate and produce new colonies. Males will die after mating and females will be the queen in their new colonies and the only duty to lay.

ants with wings attracted to light


The new colony will be the workers, the big headed have duty to keep the queen and their nest and small headed have duty to look for food. When a new colony mature, then they are ready to leave the nest and find a mate and so it goes.

Compactness Ants With Wings

ants with wings in grass


Ants with wings have a strong instinct to ambient conditions such as bright sunlight, low wind, high humidity and warm temperatures. At this time, ants with wings colony got a message to leave the nest, so ants with wings will be drove out of the nest each and assembled somewhere.

When a colony of ants with wings out then we will look at the phenomenon of flying ants. On this occasion, males would be easy to find a partner.

difference between ants with wings and termites


After getting a couple, then the next we would look at the phenomenon of ants with wings took off their wings and fly looking for a place to mate such as trees, bushes, chimneys, towers, trucks and other large structures or high. This phenomenon will last for a week or even a month. Here we can see a pile of wings.

Although life time of ants with wings did not last long, especially on male, the population of ants with wings that emerged seemed endless and sometimes even increased than usual.

This situation makes many uneasy us or the janitor must clean up the ants with wings who die every morning and have no end. This is indeed a negative impact due to the change of seasons and rain that occur every day down.

Could It Be Our Private Place Are Not Safe From Ants With Wings?

argentine ants with wings


When the mating process is complete, males die and females will reign as a queen in their new colony. In search of a place to develop new colonies then it is not impossible our private place made a nest by the queen to lay. In the day, the queen capable of laying up to 30 thousand eggs.

Colony which newborn will be the worker caste. Another task of worker caste serve needed the queen, like feeding the queen, clean the eggs and raise their young.

Food of ants with wings during become white ants are dry wood, which is why white ants are often undermined the existing furniture in the house up into powder.

In addition to consume dry wood, white ants also farmed mushrooms are white and resemble hollow sponge kept in the nest. Caste workers protect and harvest the mushrooms to kept as a reserve of food.

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ants with wings bathroom


Not seen that do not means safe from the swarms of ants with wings. At the time of reproduction or breeding colony of ants with wings so they look for their existence will occupy a place that makes them warm as cavity walls. When the maturing process then we see ants with wings begin to fly.

But we need to know that after mating, half male of ants will soon die and not all queen has fertilized will lay that can create new colonies. There are several factors that affect the Queen can successfully create new colonies, like: a strategic location to build a new nest, genetics, weather, the low possibility of predators to prey and a little luck.

ants with wings control


When we began to see ants with wings which flying then we must guard against the conditions surrounding our home, which may have become a nest built to continuously reproduce by queen to produce white ants which gnaw timber of properties that exist in our homes. Because the timber to be pulverized by white ants will be consumed as food. We can get rid of the drug aerosol insecticides.

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Should Be Worrying Presence Of Ants With Wings?

Unlike red ants when bite will cause bumps on the skin and feel very itchy that it will often be wound on our skin when we scratch it too hard. Ants with wings are not harmful or toxic to humans but ants with wings that it could threaten the wood used as building materials in the home.

ants with wings dangerous


We need to know that a queen can live for about 30 years apart that if the spawn can be up to hundreds of white ants eggs so that we can calculate in one colony can be up to hundreds of thousands even millions of white ants.

White ants are also able to make theirselves invisible so damage inside the cellulose or wood in from the inside. White ants often leave some evidence of their presence. Look for small holes in the wood, and doors or floors. We will probably find pollen sand or wings of ants with wings when they swarm. We also may see dirt track of white ants, passing around the perimeter of the building.

ants with wings colony


Besides, in search of food, white ants can also reach 50 and even 100 meters to food place. By utilizing a small body, a white ant would seek imperfections of a building so not surprised by attack white ants can be started from the top of the building you are not protected anti-white ants.

So when we saw sign of ants with wings then immediately seek a solution to repel these animals.

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