Description, Identification And Treatment for Blister Beetle Bites

Blister Beetle Bite – Blister beetle is a kind of insect that belongs to the Meloidae family. This insect is known for its Cantharidin secretion, which is normally a chemical produced by male bugs. The chemical substance from the blister beetle can bring certain reaction to your skin. So, when you contact into the chemical secretion, or bite by the blister beetle, you should immediately seek for a treatment.

Where to Find Blister Beetles?

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The blister beetle insects can usually be found in the Midwest & Southwest parts of United States. Currently, more than seventy-thousand five-hundred bugs species are found in America. Sometimes, blister beetles also occur in Canada and North Carolina, particularly in agricultural field. It has been also identified that almost one-hundred species of this blister beetle are staying in Texas.

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Blister Beetle: What Does It Look Like?

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How can you identify blister beetles? Are you familiar with their appearance? Well, basically a blister beetle has different length between 2.5 or 1 cm with soft body. The adult blister beetle insect has also different colors. But, most of blister beetle insects are gray and black color.

Although of the blister beetle insects are having black stripes and bright yellow colors. The blister beetles that can be found in the United States of America are usually black colors.

When it comes to the general appearance of the blister beetle insects, they have elongated and cylindrical body. But, in most instances, you can see bugs having wing margins which are paler. Also, most of them have either metallic stripes or yellow spots. The head of that kind of blister beetle is usually wider if compared to the thoracic segment and the wings are soft or pliable.

In addition, their immature stages are not easy to detect as they usually go unnoticed especially during their early development. But, the adult blister beetles are not hard to identify as most of them can be seen in vegetation. How will you know if it is a male blister beetle? Identifying the male blister beetle insects are not so difficult as they produce Cantharidin that can cause irritation in your skin.

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When most people talk about the blister beetle insect bites, they don’t have stingers. Also, they cannot sting. But, your skin might expose to the chemical, especially if you kill the bugs in your skin.

Once you contact with the chemical of this insect, you develop the beetle dermatitis that leads to skin irritation. If you exposed your skin to the chemical secretion that produced by this insect, you should seek for the blister beetle blister and place it in just few hours in all the affected areas. Although the blister is harmful, it does not damage your skin tissue and does not leave any scars.

Furthermore, the chemical secretion can also lead to conjunctivitis in human, especially if it contacts into the eyes. It is also expected to happen in some point after 36 hours. Typically, a person will experience certain irritation in the affected area.

It usually followed by growth of blister on your skin that commonly results in scars. Aside from that, the blister is skin lesion or essentially epidermal and usually looks like burn, due to the Cantharidin.

The chemical that produced by the blister beetle insects are not only harmful to humans. It is also dangerous for the animals, especially to horses. If you are taking care of horses in your farm, it is very important to make sure that there’s no blister beetle insects around. Most of the blister beetles naturally occur in the Alfalfa hay that is usually used as food for horses.


What are the Treatments for Blisters Beetle Blister?

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When your skin is expose to the chemical substance which is usually released by the male beetles, you will experience irritation right after the formation or absorption of the blisters. Although the blister doesn’t have long-term damage on your skin, it’s still advisable to appropriately and immediately treat it. The different options of treatments for blister bite are aimed to ease the irritation that associated with and, also to fasten the healing process of the bite.

Typically, there are different blister bite treatment choices that you can use to prevent the lesions. Well, if you are experiencing the blister beetle bites, these various treatments options can help you a lot.

Home Remedy Treatments for Beetle Bites

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Instead of using any drugs or medicines that might have different side effects, why not consider using these different natural remedy treatments for your beetle bites? One of the great advantages of these home remedy treatments is that, they don’t have any side effects. Aside from that, these home remedies are conveniently available and cheaper if compared to other drugs. These are as follows:

  • Baking Soda
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One of the most proven effective home remedy treatments for your blister beetle bites, is the baking soda. It can help to soothe all the affected parts of your skin and help a lot during the process. To use the baking soda for your blister beetle bite, simply mix it in the water just to foam paste.

Then, immediately apply it on the blisters. Otherwise, you may melt or dissolve it in the lukewarm water then use it in washing all the affected akin.

  • Essential Oils
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Another natural remedy treatment for your blister beetle bites, is the essential oils. There are many different types of essential oils. But, when it comes in treating your blister beetle bites, the best essential oil to use is the lavender. It is because the lavender essential oils will not leave any pain and itching on the affected areas of your skin. Even one drop of lavender oil is very effective and you will surely get best result. Alternatively, you can also use clove, lemon, tea tree or basil oils.

  • Peppermint Oil
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Another effective oil that you can use to treat your blister beetle bite is the peppermint oil. This is commonly used by many people as treatment for blister bites, as it can alleviate the pain that caused by the chemical. In this case, you just rub small amount in the affected site.

  • Aloe-Vera Gel
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It has been proven that the gel of Aloe Vera is very effective as treatment for blister beetle bites. Perhaps, it’s mainly due to anti-inflammatory property that associated with the Aloe Vera. In addition, it also helps to ease and reduce the redness, pain caused by the blisters.

How to use this home remedy treatment? To use the Aloe Vera for treatment, you must extract sap from the fresh leaf of Aloe Vera. Then, apply it on the affected parts. All the pain, irritation that you feel associated with the blister bites will be reduce and you will experience comfortable feeling.

  • Onion Poultice
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The chopped onions are also proven effective to alleviate the pain and irritation that you will when you are bitten by blister beetle. You just need to cook the onions in water until they get tender. Then wrap them in sack towel, medical warp or cheesecloth and apply on the affected area of your skin. With this natural home remedy treatment, you will experience relief from severe pain and irritation caused by the blisters.

  • Green Tea
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Since green tea has anti-inflammatory features, it is usually used by most people as treatment for blister bite. You only need to add it in water until it boils. You can also add baking soda as it has antiseptic features that can surely alleviate the pain associated with the blister beetle bite. Let the green tea and the baking soda to get cool and then, apply them on the affected region of the skin.

  • Witch Hazel
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Probably, some of you are not familiar with witch hazel. This is one of the most effective natural treatments for blister beetle bite. The witch hazel contains astringent tannins that is very beneficial for cleaning the blisters that affects your skin. Also, it allows the blister bite to heal quickly. In this case, you just need to use a cotton balls and dub it on the damaged area.

  • Castor Oil
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Castor oil is also one of the most renowned home remedies for blister beetle bites. In this regard, you only need to apply the castor oil on your skin to alleviate the pain and irritation. This is best to apply before you sleep to allow the quick healing process. Alternatively, you can mix the castor oils with apple vinegar then apply on the affected area. This castor oil home remedy can surely alleviate the pain and irritation that caused by the blisters.

  • Cider Vinegar
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Cider vinegar is very helpful to treat your blister bites as it has anti-bacterial property that can open the lesions from infection. Make sure to properly wash the affected area before applying the cider vinegar. With this home remedy, you will be able to prevent infection, irritation and pain that all caused by the blister beetle bites.

  • Plantain Major
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This is another effective remedy treatment that you can apply in the affected area of your skin. The plantain major can really help to ease the pain and irritation associated with blister beetle bites. If this home remedy is what you preferred to use, make sure to extract and mash the juice and leaf to apply in the lesion. You can also infuse plantain leaves into oil. With this kind of home remedy treatment, you will be able to experience comfort and ease the pain that you feel caused by blisters.


Clinical Treatments for Blister Beetle Bites

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When you are bitten by a blister beetle, one of the first thing to do is to eliminate the irritation associated with chemical. Washing the affected areas should be the most important factor to think. Of course, you should use soap and followed by cool soak treatment.

In some cases, the clinical treatment for this blister beetle bites are a combination of antihistamines topical steroids and oral antibiotics. But, this type of medication must be taken in accordance with the prescription that is given by qualified medical practitioners.

Blister Beetles Control

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The above are home remedy treatments for blister beetle bites that can reduce and alleviate irritation associated with blisters. Well, this blister beetle control can help a lot to get rid of the dermatitis instances.

Understanding and learning well about the proper way on how to handle or control the bites of blister beetle insects can help you and your family to minimize the occurrence of this cases.

Organic Control for Blister Beetle

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When you are aware about the harmful effects of the blister beetles, you will always prevent them. These are the following methods that can help you to prevent the blister beetle insects.

  • Mowing grasses before they flower

One of the most effective ways to prevent the occurrence of the blister beetle insects in your home is to remove the things that can attract them to visit. Since most of the adult blister beetles are often attracted to flowering plants, mowing the grasses or plants early can help you to control the infestation of blister beetles around your home.

  • Cover the plants with garden fabric

You should also consider covering the vegetation near your home with the used of garden fabric. In this case, you will surely help to prevent the occurrence of the blister beetles.

  • Attracting Birds

Most of the birds are feed in different development growth of blister beetle insects. Attracting birds in your farm is one of the most effective ways to lower the numbers of such insect.

  • Clear affected areas

Instead of using chemical methods to control the occurrence of the blister beetles in your home, why not consider clearing all areas that are often infested with such insect. In addition, you must prevent using hay crimper and other implements which may crush them when haying. Once you have identified the infestation of the blister beetles in your field, you should allow the hay in the field at least for about 2-3 days.



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