White Cockroach – 4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of It for Good

A. How Important the Difference of Albino Roaches and White Cockroaches Is

You went to the kitchen and turned the lights on and had the coffee maker set ready. For sure, this will be a beautiful and rare experience. While you do these stuffs, you unexpectedly have seen an elusive albino cockroach that makes its way into the sink.  If you’re fast enough, then you can catch it immediately under your glass. If not, it is possible for them to escape.

As early as now, you need to be equipped with the right information on this type of creature that could be found at home.

B. Albino Cockroach Myth

Achromia or albinism is considered as a congenital condition that affects your enzymes as it controls the pigmentation in the hair, eyes and skin of affected animals.  This is primarily caused by the recessive gene inherited and this is present in all kinds of species of vertebrates such as humans. This condition may be present in different severities whereas the absence of skin pigments is considered to be the most visible.

But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the most bothersome.  Animals which are afflicted with this kind of condition may experience congenital diseases like partial up to full blindness, deafness, heightened light sensitivity and propensity which could later develop into skin cancer.

white cockroach nymph


Scientists have studied some cockroaches comprehensively for several decades. They also have found out that no evidences on the presence of recessive genes causes’ albinism. Cockroaches are known as the replicates of parents. And, their colony is also socially aware. Any person with congenital defects will never survive from albinism.

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C. Reasons Why Roaches are White

Cockroaches are known to be insects with their own exoskeleton. Their outer hull is primarily consisted of chitin which is known to be a proteinaceous substance making up their fingernails and hairs.

Their exoskeleton is also completely rigid and is sturdy by necessity. As compared to the bones of mammals and fishes, the cockroaches’ exoskeleton doesn’t grow with them. This is the reason why they need to shed off their skin for some time. This is also especially if they have grown bigger.

From their eggs to adulthood cockroaches, they undergo four to five molting stages. The quantity of molts is based on the species of the cockroach you will have to deal with. At every stage, they are always shedding their skin and emerging into white roaches.

These animals appear to be white since the pigment found in their new skin has not yet developed. This is known to be a chemical process that usually takes several hours. The skin also takes a few minutes to harden before they move.

This is also because of the fact that they have soft outer shell that pulls their muscles inside. If you’ve found out white roaches, you will most commonly observe that they are slower and are less responsive when running as compared to others. This is because of the fact that they are not able to move.

To get rid of old exoskeleton, new one needs to grow under their skin. This needs to be a lot bigger than its previous version. It must also be flexible and soft to allow the animal and the new skin to cram with each other to increase its tight space.

After a short span of time, insects will undergo a molting process. This is a process whereas the old skin splits openly while newly formed insects emerge.

white cockroach dangerous


The roach will now swallow an adequate amount of air to inflate the new skin at the right proportion. This is the time when roaches are considered as the most vulnerable. The new skin of the animal is soft and it could not also move leaving some predators mercy to catch them. Thus, in this stage, roaches are now in danger. Cockroaches tend to molt in harbor areas and hide from unexpected danger.

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D. How Dangerous White Cockroaches Are?

white african cockroach


As far as the question on how dangerous white cockroaches are, the answer is either a yes or a no. White cockroaches are not lethal as they never will attempt to bite you. This is the reason why you must not to worry with the possible venom that this animal could give you.

Since these cockroaches molt, these may likely pose potential danger to some people who have asthma and allergies. Their molted exoskeleton can just aggravate allergy and breathing issues especially if they are mostly found in the household.

Cockroaches also poop which can bring an effect into the respiratory system. If you have some family members at home who experience some of these issues, then you need to closely monitor them. You also need to remove these pests at home to avoid threats from occurring.

E. Where to Find These White Cockroaches

found a white cockroach


Since white cockroaches are known as actual pests, you could actually find them to some places where mature members of the family are found. Here are the lists of some of the common places you need to check on if you have observed that there are already white cockroaches issues that can be found in your property or home:

5. 1 Basement

You could find white cockroaches in the basements. This is especially if the whole area is dark and cool. These types of pests really love to hide in areas. This is especially if their molting process is protected and is safe from danger.

5.2 Around Drains

Due to the damp nature in drains at home, cockroaches are more likely to spend time hanging around your drains. You may also find them in the actual drains at home.

5.3 Behind Dryers and Washers

White cockroaches are also found behind the dryers and washers due to the dark and damp nature found in these places. These spots are essential for going undetected and for hiding out while molting.

5.4 Cabinet

This is common to all types of roaches. Check on the topmost part of your cabinet since the higher your cabinet area is, the more inviting it is for the pests.

5.5 Crawlspaces

If a certain place is left dark and undisturbed, roaches make it easier to choose the place as their hideout. Spend time to check on the crawlspaces as these pests might become visible to these areas.

5. 6 Areas Where Abundant Soil is Found

Since white cockroaches are newly hatched, these can become prominent to areas where enough soil is found. This is because of the fact that it is the area where they were born.

5.7 Sheds and Barns

You also need to address even the outdoor building areas. Check on your sheds and barns completely. This is because of the fact that white roaches might choose to stay in any of this place.

F. How to Prevent White Roaches Infestation

white cockroach bug


One sad reality at home is that when one notices one white cockroach at home, it is often mistaken as a sign of infestation for many.  Once these pests have been observed, this already indicates sexual maturity.

If ever this happens, there might be a great problem as they continue to breed.  You need to address on such issues as fast as possible to avoid further damages and complications not only to your property but to your home as well.

Here are the lists of some of the most effective things you can do to prevent white cockroaches’ infestation:

6.1 Find Their Hiding Places

Locate the place they hide. Look at any of the places mentioned where these pests are usually found. Check on the top and the bottom area of your house. When you already have located where they hide, you can then fight the problem the easy way.

6.2 Regular Pest Control

cockroach white spots back


Make use of the best pest control method. You can utilize sticky traps to catch on these pests. Once this is already done, you may also spray on some insecticides in some areas where you’ve noticed white cockroaches that inhabit.

You also need to check on some outdoor buildings in your areas and treat them the same as your home.  Setting up some sticky traps is also helpful. Make sure that you also check on the labels of the pest control products you will use to determine its possible effects to your pets and children.

6.3 Sanitize

white cockroach facts


Sanitation also plays an essential role on how to get rid of white roaches. After completely handling the problem, cleaning your entire house is the next best thing to do. People are not aware of what these pests can offer. They usually bring serious issues on your health. Therefore, you need to practice healthy sanitation at all times.

6.4 Extermination

giant white cockroach


If you can no longer handle white cockroaches’ infestation yourself, try to seek for professional help. There are lots of companies that are ready to help you fight against white roaches’ infestation. If you have enough money but without time to fight against these pests, try to hire for a professional and skilled exterminator.

Getting rid of these types of pests is not as simple and easy as you think it could be.  But, if you will follow the steps mentioned, rest assured that you can get rid of these pests easily!

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