Best Tips for Installing Solid Surface Countertops

Instal Solid Surface Countertop – Mounting kitchen counters is actually easy if you recognize just what problems to avoid: unlevel areas, out-of-square walls, unfavorable edge health conditions, and also integrated devices.

Kitchen counters not merely provide the principal work areas in a kitchen, however they also offer a chance to add a sprinkle of colour and materiality to the space.

Along with the virtually infinite concept possibilities for kitchen countertops, choosing the material as well as colour is actually frequently one of the most tough component of installing brand-new kitchen countertops.

Depending upon the kind of component, assembling a kitchen area countertop can be an obstacle for a do-it-yourselfer, however putting in the kitchen countertop is actually a task virtually any sort of do-it-yourselfer can easily manage. Join our bunch, Jeff Wilson, as he finishes the kitchen space as well as uses ideas on mounting a recycled glass kitchen countertop.

Installing home kitchen counter tops appears like a pretty simple task– established the countertop atop the foundation cupboards and also protect that in location.

However, putting up counter tops is actually an apparently quick and easy task that could swiftly turn into a hassle for those DIYers unprepared to take care of unlevel surface areas, out-of-square wall structures, negative corner ailments, and built-in tools.

This is actually also essential to understand the subtleties of the several products on call for make use of as counter tops, like stone, concrete, wood, plastic laminate, as well as synthetic solid-surface products.

For this venture, we are putting up an EnviroGLAS kitchen counter. EnviroGLAS helps make solid-surface kitchen countertops that use a mix of post-consumer recycled glass chips as well as material that is at that point polished smooth for an item that is similar to terrazzo.

Our installation includes two parts that make up the counter top for the kitchen space– a principal counter along with a kitchen area sink and also a small wing that likewise completes the edge.

Creating the Kitchen countertop

The first step is actually to assemble the counter top. Solid-surface kitchen countertops, like the type our experts are utilizing, generally need specialized devices as well as materials, producing expert assembly a norm. In our case, EnviroGLAS made the 2 items for our kitchenette at the manufacturing plant based on sizes our experts provided. They also removed and also polished the sink opening.

Planning the fabrication of the kitchen counter begins along with taking sizes and figuring out where to locate any type of joints, if essential. Because kitchens are actually just about certainly never completely square or even degree, it is essential to recognize where the kitchen counter could should be actually a little further or a little narrower to suit the wall surfaces as exactly as feasible.

It assists to design a layout of the kitchen countertop for use in classifying the measurements and noting any unique manufacture concerns. When evaluating the closets, be sure to include the desired kitchen countertop overhang, usually 1″ from the skin of the cabinet frameworks as well as ends.

Include Shoes for Help

Along with the counter top assembled and on internet site, this is opportunity to prep the workplace. The kitchen counter sits straight on the base cabinetries, so this’s a good idea to examine that the cabinetry leadings are level.

Utilize a palm airplane, waistband sander, or even adapting saw to trim any closet tops that could cause the kitchen countertop to teeter.

In areas where no closet will certainly sustain the kitchen counter, it may be actually necessary to set up assistance cleats. Corners are actually a typical site where cleats can be required.

Areas for undercounter home appliances, like dish washers or even refrigerators, might likewise need to have cleats to become affixed to the wall surface to assist the kitchen counter. This certainly not often necessary to add a cleat.

Nevertheless, if the area between the closets is below 30″, it does not hurt to include a little bit of additional help. Strips of junk wood, such as the 2 x 2, work properly for cleats.

  • Solution and cut the cleat to size.
  • Make use of an amount to expand free throw line from the closet bests. The top of the cleat will certainly rest despite having this line.
  • Make use of a pillar finder or test nails to find the bordering members in the wall structure.
  • Tighten the cleat to the pillars or even framing in the wall structure.

Putting up the Sink in the Kitchen counter

In many cases, the cooking area sink will certainly should be actually mounted in the kitchen counter. Whether the sink mounts over or even under the kitchen countertop, mounting the sink just before installing the kitchen counter typically makes for an easier setup. For our job, our company are actually mounting an undermounted, single-basin, stainless-steel sink.

Dry prepared the sink as well as mark the sites for the mounting bracket and support connects.

Utilize a 3/8″ diameter diamond-tipped opening saw to punch 5/8″ deep holes for the support connects. Put a little water on the surface around the hole that can help keep the drill little bit amazing.

Quick Recommendation: Make use of tape on the rotary tool little bit to denote the intensity required for the support holes as well as to avoid by accident drilling via the top surface of the countertop.

  • Put a tiny dab from two-part epoxy in the holes and put the anchor plugs.
  • Array a grain of plastic around the border of the sink available to maintain the assembly watertight.
  • Establish the penetrate spot and check for correct alignment.
  • Secure the installing brackets along with screws at each of the anchors.
  • Inspect the edge of the sink for a constant tape. Re-caulk as necessary.

Putting in the Faucet in the Kitchen countertop

The faucet setting up may additionally be actually mounted in the kitchen countertop just before specifying the countertop in location.

This helps to decrease the job and also time spent inside the cabinet as well as under the kitchen countertop. When the kitchen countertop is installed, all that stays is actually to link the supply lines.

  • Evaluation the producer’s directions to determine the variety of holes needed for your specific faucet as well as mark the site from the faucet openings.
  • Make use of the properly sized gemstone gap attended bore the faucet openings.
  • Spreading a bead from silicon sealant around the holes, every the producer’s directions.
  • Insert the tap installation as well as secure it along with the mounting almonds. Hand-tighten and check for suitable alignment. At that point use a wrench to entirely tighten up the installing nuts.

Setting the Counter top

Setting as well as getting the countertop in location is actually rather simple. Solid-surface and all-natural rock kitchen countertops are actually generally made along with a density from 1-1/2″ to 2″ and could be mounted directly atop the base cupboards. The mass from the kitchen counter and also gravity

are going to keep the countertop in place. The use of silicon sealant atop the cabinets will create a glue connection and also decrease any sort of side motion in the countertop.

  • Spread a grain from glue plastic insulation along the top advantages of the cabinetries. Quick Suggestion: Use artist’s tape at the top from the closet skin to prevent the sticky from adhering to this.
  • Along with some aid, established the kitchen counter setting up over the cabinetry.
  • Look for proper positioning as well as delicately use downward tension to generate a great tape with the silicon caulking.

Sealing off the Joints

Because numerous counter tops are consisted of a number of pieces, among the last steps is to pack or even seal off any kind of junctions. In requests where a concealed joint or even seam is actually preferable, use some of the numerous color-matched cements on call.

Nevertheless, to achieve a concealed seam, this could likewise be actually essential to buff the joints to level the kitchen counter and go the color-matched grout. As this demands unique resources and experience, seaming and buffing the kitchen counter joints is usually a work for a professional installer.

If the kitchen counters pair up effectively and also a covert junction is not important, as in our project, crystal clear plastic insulation is adequate to close the joint and protect against any type of water from permeating into the cupboards listed below.

  • Tape along each sides of the joint, leaving behind just enough space to pack the junction. This will certainly help to reduce the clean.
  • Fill up the joint along with a thin bead from silicon caulking.
  • Wipe away any kind of excess caulking with a somewhat wet wiper.
  • Eliminate the strip and also permit the insulation put together for concerning an hour.

Linking the Plumbing system

  • Begin through hooking up the hot and cold water supply pipes. Usage versatile steel-reinforced supply lines to attach the water shut-off valve to the faucet source farmers. Make certain to determine the hot and cold sides and help make connections to the proper farmers on the tap. After utilizing Teflon tape to seal off the suitable, tighten up the connections snugly, yet do not overtighten or you may destroy the right.
  • The drain assembly is actually slightly a lot more complex, although snare and drainpipe kits are available that lessen the measures for do-it-yourselfers. The trap kit usually features lapse almonds and also coverings that seal the relationships but also permit you to disassemble the trap for gain access to. Any other hookups in the hygienic drain need to be actually glued with each other to seal off the water pipes from water leaks and also to avoid any type of sewage system fuels off leaving.
  • Dry suited the trap and drain installation to check for suitable connections and include or change any sort of items as important.
  • Create any type of glued hookups first, including a drain extension from the tough plumbing at the wall surface. Coat the area to become glued along with a PVC primer prior to administering the adhesive. PVC sticky establish promptly, so coating installation straight after administering that. Turn the pipe a part start and hold it in location for 20-30 seconds to allow the glue to establish.
  • Fit the catch set and also the almonds right into area and also firm up. Once more, firm up snugly however carry out certainly not overtighten.
  • Ultimately, momentarily clear away the aerator in the tap boast to prevent this coming from being obstructed through any loosened fragments in the plumbing system when you first turn on the water. Transform the water system shutoffs on as well as function the water for a few minutes. Look for cracks, and also retighten relationships as important.

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